When do we reflect?

Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.
Margaret J. Wheatley

When being educated, coaches are often encouraged to reflect or review their sessions. This bit we often we forget or skim over, or do we?

Coaches work to the below cycle, the plan often consciously in detail and with time spent before, or at times a quick discussion pitch side as the players are doing their warm up.

Once the "Do" is done the review will begin, subconsciously or consciously your experience of delivering the session will give you a feel of what went wrong and what went well. You will automatically recognise this when you come to deliver this session/practice next time,

Your conscious review or reflection can take forms in many ways and it can be at anytime after the session. It may be straight after in the office, club house, written down in a book or on a electronic device. It could be on the drive home as you think through your session or on a hands free call to a fellow coach, friend or partner. Feedback from parents, players, fellow coaches will add to your reflections. Be open to criticism and none emotive if you hear something you don't like. Likewise, stay humble when you get praise.

You reflections may occur weeks or months after the session when you come to plan or re-deliver it again or as you share ideas with a colleague over coffee or in the office.

There is no right or wrong on how we reflect or when, just as long as you are aware that it happens and how its best for you to do it. The only time you haven't benefited from it (or more so your players) is when your session hasn't improved or progressed from the last time you've done it.

Reflecting and reviewing is a natural part of coaching and is something we cannot do when we deliver.

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