Session of the month

1v1 Screening and Scanning

Number of players



4 Goals, Balls, Cones, Flat Discs






Mark out a 16x8 meter area, split into two sections (8x8m). Two players at either end of the area, with a defender locked in on line (marked by flat discs)  in the middle. The player in possession must get the ball across to his/her team mate.  both players must use disguise and deception to get the ball across. The player on the ball will move the ball from side to side to drag the defender, he/she will use different feints and moves to disguise their movements. The player at the top of the area will feint and disguise their movements/runs to create space and angles to get on the ball. 

The player in the middle has a problem of having to scan and move to continually be aware of where he/she is to be able to block the line of the pass. 

When the time is right, the ball is played across. If the ball gets across the receiving player must play 1v1 and try to score in one of the two mini goals. If the defender wins back possession he/she scores in the other two mini goals. If the defender intercepts the pass, he/she plays 1v1 against the first player.



  • The player on the ball must disguise their movements, and their pass to get the ball across the area

  • The player receiving the ball will make runs and movements to drag the defender everywhere.


  • The defender must scan to be able to see the ball and the receiving player behing him/her. 

  • The player on the ball will also be scanning to see the gaps and the opportunity to pass through to his/her team mate


  • Players to be positive and exciting when attacking the defender

  • Encourage facing up moves - Step overs, double step overs, fakes and takes etc to get the defender off balanced.

  • Once defender is off balanced encourage the player to accellerate past the defender.